Faith, Hope and Lucy…..

Faith, Hope and Lucy…..

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It is so gratifying to know that because of some of the help you have given, that an animal has been reunited with their loved ones. I want to thank Tanya for her kind words and for sharing Lucy’s story.

Faith, Hope and Lucy….

By Tanya Hilgendorf

Working with Colleen was a truly amazing experience that confirmed for me that there is much more to this world than what meets the eye. An old friend of mine died tragically on a random Tuesday, killed instantly by a semi. Kris was a big animal lover with four cats and three dogs who suddenly became homeless. Lucy, a not yet two-year old dachshund mix, was her favorite. She was brought to the shelter that I run in Ann Arbor so she could be adopted after the family that took her changed their minds. Because she was so fearful and traumatized by losing everything including her much beloved human mom, I decided to take her home until she was adopted.

Though still literally scared stiff, the morning after I took Lucy home she escaped from my yard and ran…or rather, BOLTED away. Within minutes she disappeared in a dense twisty neighborhood filled with thick wooded marshy areas backing up to a long stretch of highway. An immediate intense search with some wonderful volunteers and friends turned up nothing. There was absolutely no sign of her. She was gone. It was unbelievable and I was a mess, riddled with guilt and worry, barely eating and sleeping. I searched almost non-stop. My world, like Lucy’s, was turned upside down. I had the sinking feeling that Lucy was choosing to die over life without her mom.

That is until I found Colleen!

Colleen helped me every step of the way. She communicated with Lucy, let me know she was alive, and staying outside, not very far from me. One evening, nearly a week after Lucy disappeared, Colleen gave me a series of “clues” based on what Lucy was seeing that eventually led me to a neighboring park. In one of the most miraculous and mysterious events I have ever been a part of I told Colleen, “I think I am at the spot that you have been describing, but I don’t see her.” Colleen said “I am telling her to come out”. And out of the darkness, appeared Lucy.

I didn’t catch her that night. She ran again, disappeared in seconds, not yet ready to be caught. But that event gave me the hope and faith I needed to carry on.

Colleen continued to give me information every day. She was so kind, patient, and always helpful. Her communication gave me encouragement when I was depleted, emotionally and physically. She never gave up.

Another week and half went by when Colleen told me that she could see a little girl and her father talking about keeping Lucy. Though I never felt Colleen had been dishonest, I doubted this was possible. Lucy had been recently spotted foraging near the highway, far away from houses. “She must be connecting to a different dog”, I thought.

Not 10 minutes later I got a call my daughter’s friend who saw Lucy’s picture posted on Instagram by a family nearby who wanted to keep her! She walked up the steps of their porch late at night and, without clear reason, the mom opened the front door to find a scared, hungry and cold little dog. They named her Lucky.

I was quickly reunited with Lucy, overtaken by tears (or sobs) of joy. Lucy spent several more days with me getting needed vet care and TLC. It didn’t take long for her loving, affectionate and spicy personality to emerge. I became quite enamored. But her home was with the family that she chose. The one she found all by her small but mighty self. They adopted her and she is now treated like royalty by a family that has been dreaming of a dog just like Lucy.

I can never thank Colleen enough for her concern, support and amazing skills as an animal communicator. If I ever had any doubts about animal communication being real, I sure don’t now. But Colleen didn’t just help Lucy and me, she also helped others who have been “lost” since Lucy’s mom left us. With her assistance, we received a powerful message of hope, faith in what we can’t always see and not giving up. Needless to say, I highly recommend Colleen and I hope she quits her “day job” so she can use her unique talent to help other animals and the people who love them. If you need help with a beloved companion animal, call her. You won’t regret it.


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