Hi, welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to my cat Kalli who was a member of my family for 18 years. I was always talking to Kalli, we understood each other, and it is because of Kalli’s inspiration at the time of her passing that I chose to follow this path.

It is so rewarding to be able to convey to someone, through animal communication, what their animal can’t tell them…. what they need, how they feel. I cannot diagnose, that is for your vet to do. I can get a sense of how they feel, and tell you what I get telepathically through pictures, words and feelings. A communication with your animal could help your animal get through a tough time, grieving for a lost friend, or maybe your animal has a behavioral issue you would like addressed.

The amount of lost animals is overwhelming. I have a great passion to want to help these animals. It is because of that passion that I am committed to help reunite as many of them back with their owners as possible. If your pet is lost, I can connect with him or her and give you an image of what they are seeing, to help guide you to an area of where they have been or might be.

Most of my communication is done remotely, using just a picture or description of your animal. It is a telepathic connection with the animal, which is how they communicate with each other. We all have this ability when we are born, but as we get older we have a tendancy to tune it out. I have redeveloped this ability, and am happy to be able to use it to help our animals.

Aside from Animal Communication I also do:

Healing Touch for Animals®

Healing Touch for Animals® was founded by Carol Komitor. Through energy work and intention the energy system can be balanced helping with behavioral issues, pain relief, emotional issues and a variety of other problems. Treatment sessions can be done remotely or in person.



ThetaHealing® is an energy technique created by Vianna Stibal, that uses intuition, and focused thought and prayer to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional well being. Treatment sessions can be done remotely or in person.


Scalar Wave

Electromagnetic energy that promotes natural healing & increases the energy level of our cells.


Body Scanning

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~Colleen Twiss