colleenColleen was raised in Southern California. Her first love for animals was discovered when she was around 8 years old. Colleen remembered going to the fair and winning a gold fish, and she just stood there like she was in shock, because she couldn’t believe she had won anything. Colleen fed and took care of that fish every day and was heartbroken when it passed.

Growing up Colleen couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t have a dog. Because of her love for animals she always wanted to be a veterinarian, but as she got older she realized that she wouldn’t be able to carry out all of the duties required of her.

After a visit to Colorado when she was 20, Colleen was drawn by the beauty of the state and moved there. She left the family dog behind with her folks, her little sister and brother. A couple of years after moving to Colorado Colleen got married. She returned to California on her honeymoon. Colleen had always wanted a Black Lab when she was single to ride around with her and keep her company. So when she returned to California her dad blessed her with a Black Lab as a wedding gift.

Colleen was always a dog person, not a cat person. But over time she had gotten a couple of cats from her brother-in-law. She fell in love with the cats and has been a cat person ever since. The one pet that Colleen truly adored was her cat Kalli. Kalli was just a kitten when Colleen got her, about 6 weeks old. Her siblings were always picking on her because she was the runt of the litter, so Colleen agreed to take her home. Throughout the years Kalli and Colleen developed a very strong connection. Colleen always seemed to know what Kalli wanted and Kalli always seemed to be there for Colleen when she needed her. One day Colleen remembered Kalli “letting her know” that someone had been in the house. She was meowing at her when Colleen came through the door and Colleen said “what, show me”. Kalli led her down the hall and into the kitchen where she stopped in front of the sink. Colleen looked in the sink and kalithere was some fish that her husbands friend had left for them. Colleen’s husband used to get so upset with her because he never knew if she was talking to him or the cat, and most often Colleen would say, “the cat”. Kalli was a beautiful Calico and had very long hair. Colleen would take her in and get her hair cut, they called it a “lion cut”. She could always feel Kalli’s embarrassment for about the first week after her cut until her hair grew out a little bit.

Kalli lived to be 18 years old. When she passed Colleen was a basket case. She didn’t know how to help Kalli, and she just sat there and held her, crying uncontrollably with the vet on the phone. He was on his way from Benkelman, NE which was an hour away, but he didn’t make it in time. Colleen sensed that it wouldn’t have mattered , it was “her time”. It was after Kalli’s passing that Colleen was drawn to energy healing and then on to animal communication. Colleen felt that Kalli led her to do this work so that she could help others in the future.

Because Colleen was so drawn to this work, in October of 2009, she took a basic ThetaHealing course. She continued her education in this path by taking another course in November 2009. Even though ThetaHealing can be used on animals as well as humans Colleen wanted something more specific to animals. In March of 2010 she took a Healing Touch for Animals workshop. Then a few months later she came across a 3 day workshop in Animal Communication given by Terri O’Hara. Colleen thought “this is what I’ve been looking for, this is something I would really enjoy since I have always talked to animals anyway.” Colleen really enjoyed the communication workshop and wanted to pursue it further, that is when she came across Joan Ranquet’s Communication With All Life University Home Study Course. After doing the home study course for almost a year she decided to become a full time student. She graduated from Communication With All Life University in April of 2014.