It is rare to find someone with the talents and expertise as Colleen Twiss offers. I too am an animal communicator. Many people come to me to help locate family pets that are lost. More often than not, this includes my friends or members of the community I live in. In these sort of circumstances, I find myself doubting my neutrality for the situation, as it is so close to me. I know the animal and/or I know the animals living and surrounding environments. Therefore, I often wonder if the results of my communication with the animal are actual information they relayed or results based on my knowledge of the animal and it’s surroundings. It is at times like these, I reach out to Colleen to be my alter ego as she is not familiar with the animal or its owner on any level. Each time it amazes me what she sees from across the country is so accurate. For example – recently she worked tirelessly helping us find a lost neighborhood cat. Each and every vision she received, I could document with a physical location within the community. She relayed things she saw, heard and even tasted helping us to pinpoint the general vicinity the cat was hiding. On the day of our search, she was able to tell us the outfit the owner was wearing, the smells from a BBQ in the area, the clanking of a bell that was ringing and so much more of the surroundings in present time. As a fellow colleague, I trust her fully with helping with my clients as each time she has been completely on target with the information she relayed. You too as one of her clients should feel complete comfort and trust in knowing you will be in the best hands possible!"