I have had the honor of knowing Ms. Colleen for over 10 years. She has always demonstrated a strong love for all animals in general. We took some energy healing classes together and immediately Colleen picked up on how it would be good to use with animals, so I was not surprised when she advanced her energy education towards animal communication.

My family’s first experience with Ms. Colleen was when our son’s dog, Mississippi, was found bleeding from his gums and nose. There were no apparent signs of trauma from an accident. Mississippi was rushed to our local vet clinic, lab tests were done and it was discovered that Mississippi had found and eaten some poison and was bleeding internally. Our son had just went through losing a friend and several other friends injured in a drinking and driving accident, the last thing I wanted to do was call him to tell him his dog may die. On the way to the vet clinic I messaged Ms. Colleen, explained the situation to her and begged for her to help. She began communicating with Mississippi telling him that it was not his time to go and that he was still needed and had a job here to do. Mississippi started improving in a matter of minutes. She told me to keep talking with him and loving him to give him reassurance that he was wanted and needed. Mississippi recovered but had damage to his heart. A few years later when we could not find Mississippi and after checking all of his usual hiding places; once again I sought out the help and guidance of Ms. Colleen, and she was able to guide us to looking for him in all his favorite places. We did find him, but unfortunately he had passed away and had chosen a spot where he was able to still watch over and protect us.