Another time we sought Ms. Colleen’s help was with our daughter and her horse, Dunny. Her and Dunny had a very close bond, he would “Whinny” at her anytime that she was outside until he had her attention and would get her to come down to his pen. We always chuckled that the horse called the kid instead of the kid calling in the horse and at least she did not need a bucket of grain. Then at the age of 5, she fell off of him and broke her arm. He would “Whinny” for her but she would not have anything to do with him. After several weeks of no attention from her, Dunny went into a depression. We asked Ms. Colleen for help, we hated to see this pair broken up. I showed a picture of Dunny to Ms. Colleen and she was able to communicate with him. Then she explained to our daughter that Dunny did not mean to hurt her, he had bucked because the cinch was pinching him so he was hurting. Ms. Colleen told her that Dunny loved her and wanted her to groom him and give him loves like before and that he was really sorry. After a few weeks, our daughter started spending time with Dunny. We are so grateful to Ms. Colleen for helping us get this young “team” back together. It is awesome to see our daughter confident enough to ride bareback around the ranch. They have been learning and competing in gymkhana events, Rodeo Bible Camps, and horse shows.